December 29, 2010

Marketing : Politics,,

Hair shampoo, from all kind of brands, no matter how to seems different they are, the main ingredients are always the same.. The differences is, if there is any, are very small, far from significant. So what can make us pick brand A rather than Brand B in the supermarket?? The answer is very simple: their marketing strategies.. The packaging of the products, the TV commercial that we've seen, the discount that they offer, the celebrities that they endorse, etc. Maybe we're rarely realize this, but the proof is clear. only very few people have an objective choice, who really see the composition of the products and if it is really fits to what they need.

Small things for shampoo, cos if we choose the wrong products, we can easily change. but how if that marketing strategies is also applied in politics, in democracy??
How if candidates are markets themselves with nice TV commercials, good looks, "discounts", and using celebrities to endorse them..? Most common people are naif in politics, only minorities who really have deep knowledge and cares about it. The marketing strategies that the candidates use, are very likely can effect the voters. So, what is "democracy" then, if people did not choose the leader that can represent their visions, but only choose the one with the "nice commercials" and "discounts"?
Or is it already happened??


Anonymous said...


I begin on internet with a directory

Anonymous said...

it already happened... :D