September 1, 2011

Good Attitude, Good life,,,

1. Be knowledgeable
2. Be wise
3. Exploit your ability
4. Adaptable
5. Maintain positivity, and good mental state

6. Believe in God

August 16, 2011

The Girl Who Marked The Expectations

maybe I am just this kind of man... who just want to conquer, but won't keep.

Keep chasing the wrong, cos the wrong are the most exciting.. Cos impossible.

Impossibility means exclusivity.. Not for everyone. Only the confident will spend the effort.

Impossibility means very special...

Impossibility means..... that's expendable, once it became too tiring, too easy or not too gorgeous again.

Impossibility means you can get another chance..

Impossibility means, if it's failed, than it is supposed to be..

Sounds great. But... It's impossible....

May 22, 2011

Commitment for me, Is,,,

Jumlah manusia di Bumi ada berapa? sekitar 5 milyar. Yang perempuan sedikit lebih banyak dari laki laki.. Berarti sekitar 2.8 milyar.

Di jakarta saja yang ada orang di setiap sudut-nya, di gang2 sempit dan lorong apartemen, jumlah penduduknya gak lebih dari 10 Juta. Padahal Jakarta itu luas. Lebih luas daripada Liechtenstein.

Dari 2.8 milyar perempuan di bumi, aku yakin ada perempuan lain yang jauh lebih baik daripada kamu. Lebih cocok sama aku, lebih menyenangkan, lebih cantik, lebih lucu, lebih pintar, lebih nyambung, lebih sesuai selera... Tapi apa iya aku mau menyisir 2.8 milyar wanita.. Menyisir satu region di jakarta saja tidak mungkin.

Karena aku sama kamu sekarang, maka buat aku kamu lah yang terbaik.. kalo kamu bukan yang terbaik, maka itu kewajiban aku buat bikin kamu jadi yang terbaik. Karena hidup adalah proses, bukan hasil.

Hope you'll think the same, and will strive for me, and then be my best.... Or at least, try for it

December 29, 2010

Marketing : Politics,,

Hair shampoo, from all kind of brands, no matter how to seems different they are, the main ingredients are always the same.. The differences is, if there is any, are very small, far from significant. So what can make us pick brand A rather than Brand B in the supermarket?? The answer is very simple: their marketing strategies.. The packaging of the products, the TV commercial that we've seen, the discount that they offer, the celebrities that they endorse, etc. Maybe we're rarely realize this, but the proof is clear. only very few people have an objective choice, who really see the composition of the products and if it is really fits to what they need.

Small things for shampoo, cos if we choose the wrong products, we can easily change. but how if that marketing strategies is also applied in politics, in democracy??
How if candidates are markets themselves with nice TV commercials, good looks, "discounts", and using celebrities to endorse them..? Most common people are naif in politics, only minorities who really have deep knowledge and cares about it. The marketing strategies that the candidates use, are very likely can effect the voters. So, what is "democracy" then, if people did not choose the leader that can represent their visions, but only choose the one with the "nice commercials" and "discounts"?
Or is it already happened??

October 13, 2010

Art is Emotions,,,

Art is abstract, could only be feel and sense.. Immaterial and unexplained, but by emotion. Emotions is in mind, but it's somewhere else deeper. Good art touches visual or phonetic perception, but great art penetrates deeper trough emotions...

Good writer tells stories, Great writer creates ambience and atmosphere..
Seno Gumira writes afternoon and and sunset

Good singer follows tones and pitch, Great singer express feelings..
Chris Carraba sings deception and sentiment

Good painter create composition, Great painter create sensations...
Van Gogh paints starry night

Good movies captures moments, Great movies captures senses..
Fight Club images dissatisfactions and expectation

October 11, 2010

So Long, So Long,,,

She is summer,
curly hair, happy and excited face that hides deep and meaningful thought.. Like walks down under the afternoon sun

She is monsoon,
shiny skin and dark hair, casual talks and flows free, logic that blankets emotion.. Like Sunday morning ride with soft music

She is winter,
sweet smile, soft posture and low profile that covers determined vision.. Like an evening in the sidewalks

She is the desert,
fragile and following, but hides toughness under the flowing sands.. Like bicycling in an empty city streets

September 18, 2009

There's no perfect life,, Only perfect mind

Some people think of how lucky I am to get the opportunity that most people in my society think that it is a privilege that only a few people can enjoy.
To be able to get a "work" directly even before my graduation day is one of the best of it. While most of my friends are have to wait months to get one. And even more, I have this work in another country. It is always recognized as a good achievement. And also with this opportunity I have a chance to travel and experience to a new and very exciting place every week.
I got a girl that I've been love so much in this more than 3 years, while -again- most of my friends are still doesn't even have a clue of where are their soul mate.
I got a family that is very supportive and seems like throughout the life it doesn't have any problem worth worrying for.
most of all.. I always generally feel happy and satisfied with my life
Well, until here, it seems like a perfect life.. but is it??

Recently one of my best friend is complaining about her life. She said that her life is a misery.. She got a job, but doesn't really enjoy because she feels that she can't fit with the people there and the payment is also unsatisfactory. She want to quit but can't, because she already signed a contract that noted that if she quit she had to pay a big amount of money to the company.
She also said that in this new city she can't find a "real" friend. She said the lifestyle and way of thinking are already very different. In here she is very far from her family and friend that really understand and care about her.

Until here I actually found out that all her problem is actually are also my problem here.
Like the problem to fit with the people in the company.. the payment.. can't quit the job... different lifestyle and way of thinking... far for friend and family that care about me...
And even, if I think about that, actually I got deeper problem with all that. If she says about difficulties to adjust with the new lifestyle. Then my problem is should be harder.
I can't ever get used to people talking very loud like shouting each other every time, I experience a bunch of stupid cultural misunderstanding that you wouldn't even believe, the "straight to the face" and sometime harsh comment from my boss if I made a mistake in my work. I also faced communication problem in every single day I live here. I have to take a very crowded bus every time I come back from office. Have to get used to the -sometimes strange- taste of Indian food, have to take care of all my daily needs of my own, don't know how to find stuffs and other things that I need. To be very far from my beloved, and my family, and loads and loads of other stuffs..

But well, I never even dare to think that my life is a misery.. I don't want to think about the bad thing. I always focused on my achievement, and the nice and exciting new experience I got here. If I compare the good and bad experience, maybe I will suffer and cry all the time. So, actually that's exactly is the point. Of how to highlight the good things, and to buried the bad things.

Kids are happy because they're think happy.. :D

Because life is great. It is a very big waste if we only think about the worst part and don't take the best part of it. I am 200% sure that there is always something great that we can be grateful about.
So, for people who think their life is a misery.. I just want to say that it is just the state of mind that determine whether you are happy or not. So, just decide that you are happy, and then be happy!!! :D

August 18, 2009

The Only Thing to Fear,,, (is Fear Itself)

Sometimes when I remember of how is my 2 months preparation before I go here in New Delhi, it's feels like really over-reacted now. But well, it's understandable, because this was my first time to go abroad. Without knowing anything of how is the condition and the people of this country, without any relatives or friends, without any backup plans if there's something wrong with flights, the company, or with the place that I'll stay. By that time, I remember that I'm so worried about everything.. Or to be more precise: I feel fear about all the "going to India for 5 months" things.

Now I've been here in New Delhi for 3.5 months.. And seeing what I am now, seems like there's nothing more to worried about in this country. Yes, maybe it was really difficult for me at the first month, but I really feel like home now. I can laugh at my unreasonable fright before and can really enjoy my time here. And so once again I've found my comfort zone.
To me those experience of once feel afraid, and then realize that I have conquer the very things that make me afraid, is really priceless. It is one of the greatest impact that I get from this "journey".
Right now, inside myself, I can feel that I have a lot more stocks of courage and confidence to face anything. So, next time If i'm feel afraid or worried about the uncertainty of the future that we can't predict. I can remember this moment and realize that actually the only things to fear is fear itself.. There's no reason to step away if we didn't face the problem yet!!
No one can predict the future.. So what?? just drive on it!

And in a few days I will have my first Ramadhan here by myself. Am I feel worried about that?? seems like not at all. I know that I will have a lot of difficulities just to keep my fasting 'on tracks', but I even kind of expected and feel glad and happy about this. Because I believe it can increase and thickening my religious life. I also hope that in this precious moment I can show my grateful feeling to God whose been give me a great challenge, experience and help me with all the difficulities in this life. I hope.

July 31, 2009


It's always hard to understand a people who doesn't believe in God or any religion if we are ourselves are a believer.
In the opposite, I also believe that it will be hard for people who doesn't believe in God or any religion to understand people who live by the religion.

Well, but life's goes on.. God, doesn't need anything from the mankind. If God wants to be prayed and worshiped, then He can made all mankind as a faithful believer..
- But He did not - He wants us to search for the truth. To understand. And then believe. So we can worshiped Him by our own will. Not just because it is something that we have to do.

"Ikhlas". As the highest level in a human existance

July 18, 2009

People Perception and The Point of View,,

Yesterday I have a chat with my friend. He is Colombian, and we talked about Che Guevara. In the International point of view, we saw that Che Guevara is a revolutionist, a great man that do a lot of great things. But for him, Che Guevara is a rebel, a killer(he killed a lot of people there), or even a terrorist(he even stated out that his lecturer said that Che Guevara is the biggest terrorist in South America). Well, that is really new to me.. but, yeah I accepted his point of view. Because I know he is the one who is really experienced it and learned about it from both aspect. From their government point of view, and from international point of view. While I just read from Wikipedia. So my knowledge is really narrowed and un-balanced.
These things also reminded me about the conflict in Timor Leste. When i was a kid, in an elementary school, I learn about that conflict.. And of course our textbook that we use there in school are made by Indonesian government. So when I learn about the Timor Leste, I saw that Indonesian government are very kind and generous towards them. I read that before Indonesian government came, Timor Leste is the last nation in 1970's that still suffer from colonialism. And then our government came there, and liberate and develop the region. I think that time i agree with the term "liberate", because I saw that there's nothing there before we came. The land is not good enough to grow crops, there's no irrigation system, the people mostly are uneducated(the literacy rate is just 7%), other infrastructure there are also undeveloped.
After Indonesian government came, we give a huge amount of money to build roads, schools, hospitals, irrigation system, and give fund for local people to study in Surabaya or Jakarta, but we receive nothing from them. We don't gain profit, because there's no important commodities that came from that region. There's no important natural resources that can be sold. Simply by that time, I just said that Timor Leste is suffered, and then we rescue and help them.
Only after the internet era came, I can learn by myself from a lot of other international sources that, in the International world, our image as a nation is drop because of this. They never use the terms "liberate". They said that Indonesia is "invading" Timor Leste. And by the process of invation, we killed a lot of local people, we use guns, and bomber plane to take control of the region. Hundred thousands of people are died in this process. And so, right now my point of view about Timor Leste and Indonesian government is changed. I agree that Indonesian government is indeed invading Timor Leste. But still, if we're looking from Indonesian Government point of view, they will still think that they're doing the good thing there also. And that's what makes the majority of Indonesian think: that we're doing the right thing there.
If it's the truth that we're so kind to them, so why d'they want to leave us??

Well, the main lesson that I can get from the story is that, if we want to know the truth, we can't just rely on one source of information. We have to see from each point-of-view. And then, we can make a judgement. If we just know from one side, then we don't have rights to decide where is the one who is right or wrong. Because it's the nature of human to said that their selves are the most right, the most knowledgeable, and wise. etc.

June 30, 2009

There's no guarantee in life,,,

One of the most useful (and interesting) part when we're using facebook (or any other social networking site actually) is that we can re-connect to our old friend, see how are they doing now, and see what's the 'changes' they have been of. Lately, i met a lot of my childhood friend there.. some of them are friends that are a very2 close friend to me in it's time. I've been spend a lot of time with them, so that i can know them very well.
But then, after the nice re-meeting and re-intermezzo again with them, then i realized that some of them have unpredictably in the position that i was never expect they will be.. Like there's one of my friend who is doing very2 good at high school, but right now is still got difficulities even to finish their university study. One girl, who is just an average student in school, right now is in the top university abroad have started her master degrees. Another girl who was the best national test score holder in entire region when in the elementary school are not even continuing her study in university. And there's still more examples...
The most interesting part that i want to share here right now is that after realizing this fact, i can now conclude that there's no way we can predict our future only by looking our condition that we're in at the moment. There is no guarantee in life..
Like my last example above about that girl whose not continuing her study, she is doing really good in elementary school, win a lot of award, scored the best test result in the entire region, etc. By that time, all people will predict that she is the one that can go to the top school and universities, graduate easily, and can get a great job. But the fact is almost like random.. perfect grade in school can't guaranteed even a smooth university entry. And in the opposite, some people whose even doing really bad in both elementary school and high school (like me, for example.. :D) , will still got a chance to gain a good test result and get a ticket to a decent university.
Well, now we can say that life is indeed like a big game of gambling. There's no guarantee in life.. So, don't be cocky if you're now in any aspect are on a good position, because it can disappeared in no time if you're not aware. And also never feel bad if you're still on a bad position, because you still got an unlimited chance to climbed up.
All we can do and need to do is just "do the best in what we're in right now". We're still on a long journey of life.. we're on an unstable moment where everything is on the process to shaped. So, search and take every chances that comes to you, and use it as well as possible.
arghh... i think i've been involved in the "stalking" part

June 18, 2009

Been trough the worst,,,,

Okay, i have a very special things to celebrate this month.. it's me and my girlfriend's 3rd anniversary. Well, i have to say that this thing is really2 special for both of us, because i realize that actually not many people can achieve this.. Being with her for this three years makes me feels that i've been trough on almost every "bad-thing-that-can-happened-in-a-man-and-woman-relationship". So that i think right now, there will be nothing left that can harm our relationship again..
Humm, let me review about this "bad-thing-that-can-happened-in-a-man-and-woman-relationship" one by one

1. She has been cheating on me.. once.
Actually after i found out about this, i was dumped her right away.. for about 10 minutes :) but somehow we can talk about it, and i forgive her.. and we agreed to not talk about this thing anymore (i don't even want to remember anything about this)

2. I've been cheating on her.. so many times :D.
Well, this is the basic problem for all couples in the world. We boys are always selfish.. it's in our basic instinct. Some said that boys always want to conquer everything.. After we got one, we will always want more. Maybe because we just curious with a new girl and want to get closer, or maybe because we are already hooked up with one woman for a long time, and just want to have another experience.. Yeah, i've been there too.. for so many times. But in the end, I will realize that this feeling is just temporary and i will always comes back to my girl that i am now.. because then we will found out that the things that we needed the most is the commitment and understanding from our partner. And I have got it all from her. So, what more can i expect..

3. We are so very very different from all aspect. really, we're opposites in almost everything.. :)
I've heard that the main reasons for a couple to divorced is because they are not matched for each other. But heyy, this is the one that makes life is so damn beautiful.. Because we are all different. What's the point of looking for a companion if in the end, we just looking for another "ourselves". The differences is something that can makes us "complete" each other..Very different in everything.. or we're just the best of our own worlds,,,

4. She doesn't goes well with some of my friend, and (i think) some of her friend also doesn't feel very comfortable if i'm around
well, no comment about this.. I have to admit that this thing is still not going so good.. but at least we're always try to be nice to everybody.. :)

5. Separated by distance... At the beginning we're just 3 hours apart. and now we're thousands miles away
Not really separated actually.. technology is always helps us.. we can still be in touch and at least can know whats happening in each other. There's a lot of people who can not stand the distance.. But if you already have a strong connection to each other. You will not even worried by this thing.

6. And still a lot of other things that i can't mentioned here....
Believe me, i still got much.. So, i'm really grateful that i still with her in this 3 years and after all this obstacles that comes in our way.

Sometimes we got a big obstacles, and some other time we got even bigger.. However, all of that will not harm us.. but in the other hands, it even makes us grow stronger. It makes us more mature as a couple. So, after all these 3 years of good and bad.. i hope we're already grew up and tough enough to keep movin on, and we will be just fine till the end.. :D