June 18, 2009

Been trough the worst,,,,

Okay, i have a very special things to celebrate this month.. it's me and my girlfriend's 3rd anniversary. Well, i have to say that this thing is really2 special for both of us, because i realize that actually not many people can achieve this.. Being with her for this three years makes me feels that i've been trough on almost every "bad-thing-that-can-happened-in-a-man-and-woman-relationship". So that i think right now, there will be nothing left that can harm our relationship again..
Humm, let me review about this "bad-thing-that-can-happened-in-a-man-and-woman-relationship" one by one

1. She has been cheating on me.. once.
Actually after i found out about this, i was dumped her right away.. for about 10 minutes :) but somehow we can talk about it, and i forgive her.. and we agreed to not talk about this thing anymore (i don't even want to remember anything about this)

2. I've been cheating on her.. so many times :D.
Well, this is the basic problem for all couples in the world. We boys are always selfish.. it's in our basic instinct. Some said that boys always want to conquer everything.. After we got one, we will always want more. Maybe because we just curious with a new girl and want to get closer, or maybe because we are already hooked up with one woman for a long time, and just want to have another experience.. Yeah, i've been there too.. for so many times. But in the end, I will realize that this feeling is just temporary and i will always comes back to my girl that i am now.. because then we will found out that the things that we needed the most is the commitment and understanding from our partner. And I have got it all from her. So, what more can i expect..

3. We are so very very different from all aspect. really, we're opposites in almost everything.. :)
I've heard that the main reasons for a couple to divorced is because they are not matched for each other. But heyy, this is the one that makes life is so damn beautiful.. Because we are all different. What's the point of looking for a companion if in the end, we just looking for another "ourselves". The differences is something that can makes us "complete" each other..Very different in everything.. or we're just the best of our own worlds,,,

4. She doesn't goes well with some of my friend, and (i think) some of her friend also doesn't feel very comfortable if i'm around
well, no comment about this.. I have to admit that this thing is still not going so good.. but at least we're always try to be nice to everybody.. :)

5. Separated by distance... At the beginning we're just 3 hours apart. and now we're thousands miles away
Not really separated actually.. technology is always helps us.. we can still be in touch and at least can know whats happening in each other. There's a lot of people who can not stand the distance.. But if you already have a strong connection to each other. You will not even worried by this thing.

6. And still a lot of other things that i can't mentioned here....
Believe me, i still got much.. So, i'm really grateful that i still with her in this 3 years and after all this obstacles that comes in our way.

Sometimes we got a big obstacles, and some other time we got even bigger.. However, all of that will not harm us.. but in the other hands, it even makes us grow stronger. It makes us more mature as a couple. So, after all these 3 years of good and bad.. i hope we're already grew up and tough enough to keep movin on, and we will be just fine till the end.. :D

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Anonymous said...

elisa trifani says :
"aku rasa kalo semua orang bs memahami arti mcintai&dicintai,,juga bsyukur ats smw yg dimilikinya,,pasti hidup qt smw akn berbahagia dikala sedih&susah pun.."