May 13, 2009

Why is Always India,,,??

Why is always India...??? Hundreds of foreigner come to Delhi alone, on a vacation, to work, or to study. I'm feeling jealous when i recognize this.. Jakarta, Semarang, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya also got everything that a big city like Delhi got. Even somehow, in some aspect, big cities in Indonesia is better than Delhi. Like the weather, the cleanliness, the hospitality of the people, the big shopping mall and fancy restaurant. So, why is always India?? In the news, in the internet, in magazines, etc.. people always talk about India. Thousands of people from Europe, America and East Asia wants to go here, tons of international NGO and social organization donate for the development of India. In 2004 tsunami disaster, Indonesia is the country that suffers the most, but the amount of international donation that goes to India is a lot more compared to Indonesia. Everyman on this planet knows India but not Indonesia. Indonesia is the fourth most populist country, but when i said "Indonesia" to some people that asked me where i come from, some of them doesn't even now where it is located, or what is the capital!! Most of them said that i am the first Indonesian that they met. So, what gives???

They got metro rail here, but what?? a lot other also got that one too

The first thing i noticed is that there's a LOT of people speaking in English here. And they are not just English, but a perfect English, with nice grammar and chosen words. There is a huge number of scholar and smart guy also in Indonesia, but that doesn't guarantee that they can speak English. Maybe they wrote a lot of stories, essays, researches etc, but all in Indonesian.. So, that doesn't have any benefit to other people living in this planet!! in the other hand, Indian scholar always made their publication in English, and spread it to all over the world. Movies, stories, web posts, etc. There are thousand of news websites, tourism websites education websites etc. in Indonesia, but only a few are using English. so, how can we expect that the foreigner all over the world will know our condition here?? how can we expect them to come to study in Indonesian universities, if they don't know anything about the universities at all?? in the contrary, ALL Indian universities got their websites in English, and even they promote it to the whole world!

Learning from the beginning, makes a big differences

Maybe this language problem is just a small problems, but if we want to have our country recognized by the whole world, the first step is clear.. Publicize it!! and off course publicize it in English words.


arifn said...

I got your enthusiastic tone when I read this post.. I think you're on fire..^^

It always India because you're there.. and why India's people can speak English well? because they were colonized by British in the past.. So it's not a surprise if they can speak well..

But I think I got your point, we must promote our country more and more.. that's why you came there right??

Good luck on your journey.. Looking forward for your next post..


Danu Patria said...

Well, Malaysia is also colonized by British,, but they're not that good anyway... So, maybe it's the culture itself. That the Indian are more "open" to foreign influence than us.
And that is exactly what we need to do.. not just worshiping our great "bahasa" and "budaya" too much, but also we have to accept foreign influence(especially when it's about science, technology and work ethic) as a good influence..
Well what do you think?

arifn said...

But still, I think English in Malaysia is well spread than in Indonesia.. that colonization factor still count..

About foreign influence, I guess we must filtered it first.. just take the good side and leave the bad side..

Anonymous said...

Dude...Im from India and i think its nothing to do with colonization...The educational system here is strong.We know the importance of english on global level...And computerization also has helped a lot

Sahil Baghla said...

I am from india. Its really good that you have observed so many things why india is so recognized in the world than indonesia. Just try to apply those things in your country too

Best Wishes,