June 30, 2009

There's no guarantee in life,,,

One of the most useful (and interesting) part when we're using facebook (or any other social networking site actually) is that we can re-connect to our old friend, see how are they doing now, and see what's the 'changes' they have been of. Lately, i met a lot of my childhood friend there.. some of them are friends that are a very2 close friend to me in it's time. I've been spend a lot of time with them, so that i can know them very well.
But then, after the nice re-meeting and re-intermezzo again with them, then i realized that some of them have unpredictably in the position that i was never expect they will be.. Like there's one of my friend who is doing very2 good at high school, but right now is still got difficulities even to finish their university study. One girl, who is just an average student in school, right now is in the top university abroad have started her master degrees. Another girl who was the best national test score holder in entire region when in the elementary school are not even continuing her study in university. And there's still more examples...
The most interesting part that i want to share here right now is that after realizing this fact, i can now conclude that there's no way we can predict our future only by looking our condition that we're in at the moment. There is no guarantee in life..
Like my last example above about that girl whose not continuing her study, she is doing really good in elementary school, win a lot of award, scored the best test result in the entire region, etc. By that time, all people will predict that she is the one that can go to the top school and universities, graduate easily, and can get a great job. But the fact is almost like random.. perfect grade in school can't guaranteed even a smooth university entry. And in the opposite, some people whose even doing really bad in both elementary school and high school (like me, for example.. :D) , will still got a chance to gain a good test result and get a ticket to a decent university.
Well, now we can say that life is indeed like a big game of gambling. There's no guarantee in life.. So, don't be cocky if you're now in any aspect are on a good position, because it can disappeared in no time if you're not aware. And also never feel bad if you're still on a bad position, because you still got an unlimited chance to climbed up.
All we can do and need to do is just "do the best in what we're in right now". We're still on a long journey of life.. we're on an unstable moment where everything is on the process to shaped. So, search and take every chances that comes to you, and use it as well as possible.
arghh... i think i've been involved in the "stalking" part


errick said...

Anda bijaksana sekali tuan

Anonymous said...

what if it is not only about no guarantee in life, what if it is about hidden things that we don't know. another patterns works in their life, the unexpected hidden answer. i don't know but if it is happen many times maybe there's mechanism in human life need to be explored