September 18, 2009

There's no perfect life,, Only perfect mind

Some people think of how lucky I am to get the opportunity that most people in my society think that it is a privilege that only a few people can enjoy.
To be able to get a "work" directly even before my graduation day is one of the best of it. While most of my friends are have to wait months to get one. And even more, I have this work in another country. It is always recognized as a good achievement. And also with this opportunity I have a chance to travel and experience to a new and very exciting place every week.
I got a girl that I've been love so much in this more than 3 years, while -again- most of my friends are still doesn't even have a clue of where are their soul mate.
I got a family that is very supportive and seems like throughout the life it doesn't have any problem worth worrying for.
most of all.. I always generally feel happy and satisfied with my life
Well, until here, it seems like a perfect life.. but is it??

Recently one of my best friend is complaining about her life. She said that her life is a misery.. She got a job, but doesn't really enjoy because she feels that she can't fit with the people there and the payment is also unsatisfactory. She want to quit but can't, because she already signed a contract that noted that if she quit she had to pay a big amount of money to the company.
She also said that in this new city she can't find a "real" friend. She said the lifestyle and way of thinking are already very different. In here she is very far from her family and friend that really understand and care about her.

Until here I actually found out that all her problem is actually are also my problem here.
Like the problem to fit with the people in the company.. the payment.. can't quit the job... different lifestyle and way of thinking... far for friend and family that care about me...
And even, if I think about that, actually I got deeper problem with all that. If she says about difficulties to adjust with the new lifestyle. Then my problem is should be harder.
I can't ever get used to people talking very loud like shouting each other every time, I experience a bunch of stupid cultural misunderstanding that you wouldn't even believe, the "straight to the face" and sometime harsh comment from my boss if I made a mistake in my work. I also faced communication problem in every single day I live here. I have to take a very crowded bus every time I come back from office. Have to get used to the -sometimes strange- taste of Indian food, have to take care of all my daily needs of my own, don't know how to find stuffs and other things that I need. To be very far from my beloved, and my family, and loads and loads of other stuffs..

But well, I never even dare to think that my life is a misery.. I don't want to think about the bad thing. I always focused on my achievement, and the nice and exciting new experience I got here. If I compare the good and bad experience, maybe I will suffer and cry all the time. So, actually that's exactly is the point. Of how to highlight the good things, and to buried the bad things.

Kids are happy because they're think happy.. :D

Because life is great. It is a very big waste if we only think about the worst part and don't take the best part of it. I am 200% sure that there is always something great that we can be grateful about.
So, for people who think their life is a misery.. I just want to say that it is just the state of mind that determine whether you are happy or not. So, just decide that you are happy, and then be happy!!! :D


Anonymous said...

it all lies in your mind..

I wrote something about people's mind in my blog..
would you mind to check it out??

errick said...

super sekali...

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Rini said...

i've read, i like it in your mind..

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.

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