September 10, 2008

Less than enough,,

So tired but I can't sleep..

I can't remember since when this is happening to me...
maybe for this last couple of month, i can't sleep below late 1 o'clock no matter how tired or sleepy i am.

A lot of things to do yesterday. So, i was sleeping for only 4 hours within a day and yet this night i still can't rest my mind.
Now i began to think that maybe the only reason why i'm sleeping is just because my body doesn't have any more energy to keep me awake. Not because my body is need to be rested.

If that is true, then sleep is no longer a necessity.. It became an obigation.

Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea
I'm so tired I can't sleep
I'm anemic royalty
I'm a liar and a thief
I'm anemic royalty


obetz said...

sama bos...ane jg insomnia..gbs tidur cpt...huaaa

dapit said...

So do I, I also can't sleep until reach an apropriate time (around 00:00 o'clock)...

old buddy, Sasi's blog on your link looks like be a brokened link. Try to check it,
I don't need anything special in return for remind you about this. Maybe some gratidute from the bottom of your heart it's more than enough,
(heuheue ngarep!!!)

arifn said...

it was called insomnia.. it happens because ur sleeping habit had been recorded to ur body.
My suggestion: change ur sleeping habit slowly... good luck..

Free Your Mind said...

Do you know why?
I've been ask "Thesis",
and He answer :"Don't think about me. Just do IT".