September 22, 2008

BIG problem,,

Oh my God, this is gonna be a BIG thing..

that is the first thing comes from my mind after "once again" my girlfriend have found me lie to her.
And it's the 3rd times i've cought lie to her for the same reason.

What makes me feel even worse is because actually, i don't even really need to lie. It's not a serious problem. I can just tell her the truth. And i'm sure she can understand with my condition.
But, i'm not doin' it... i skipped this "explaining to my girl" process and decided to tell her a fake story.

When i lie to her, i'm not feel like i am doing a very bad thing. But now,,after she found out the truth. I feel so much guilty about that. i wish i can turn back the time and fix my mistake..

Because eventough it is not a big lie. But in a man-women relationship, where to trust and openess to each other is a basic, lie is always a BIG problem..


dapit said...

Danu, on my personal opinion (huyuh) I think it's a little reckless to "published" private man-woman relationship into media... ^,^v

danu said...

yeesss.. i totally agree with you.

just want to share my experience to prove that is very2 BAD to lie to your romance partner even for the smallest lie.

besides that,can you see that i leave the detail just for myself..