October 14, 2008

Good stress??,,,

Ever feel that you got not enough time to finish your task? feel that there's no end line in the things you have to do? doesn't have time to do your favourite activity? or feel that time is chasin over you?

If you feel those everyday.. so there's a big chance you'll be stressed or even depressed in a few week. But then,, this modern lifestyle is always a hectic, busy and filled with a lot of things to do. So stressed out is now a common thing that happened in every man's life. It is now become something normal.

Most people still cosidered stress as a bad thing. But few days earlier, i found this very nice article in a magazine.. It says that stress is actually a very good thing if we can manage it.

Well, i can't write all of the article in here,, but somethin that i really noticed is that stress is actually can drive us to achieve a better result in our work. Because stressed or hectic people is more motivated and alerted in doing the task compared to people who are have more spare time. It also said that stressed people can utilise more potential that he/she may have to achieve the goal.
So.. just take it, do it all and don't be affraid with stress, people.. it "can be dealt with" and is usefull too..


juicy blue said...

basic concept of recycle is turn bad thing become good thing.in ur thought,the bad thing is reverse to stress and the good thing is the motivation u get.
so the point is everything managed well will affect good result.

dapit said...

Nice comment from blue juice~
there are something I wanted to focus on Dan, so I decided to closed my FS. . And using yuwie instead. Coz It's part of my secret underground project. . Or whatever it's called

Danu Patria said...

oww,, another secret underground project..
why i have a bad feeling 'bout that..