October 27, 2008

dead end,,

i'm facin' a dead end right now.. it's not a very big problem actually. Like when i'm find any other dead end in the road,, there will always be 2 way to solve it.

first choice, is to make a U-turn and return from the starting point once again. It's more simple and safer option. the only problem is that this option will require more time,, especially when you've been drivin for a long time to get in your position right now. To make a U-turn will be a bad choice for someone who have a tight deadline.

second choice, is to keep goin' and find an alternative to go trough the dead end. Something like when your road is end up in a jungle and then you got off from vehicle and walk to emerge that jungle. It's very risky, need more effort to do and there's no guarantee that you'll find your destination. But, if you're already know in what direction your destination is. This will make a good option.

So, the choice is clear. the solution is right ahead. and the distination is waiting,, but still, this is always a hard decision..

No one know what will happen.. Well, I guess i just have to believe to my Protector, and maybe lay it like my old friend's sayin':: Puka puka (what will be, will be) :)


dapit said...

Danu is a risk breaker eh?

Danu Patria said...

... yeah,, sure. second option.

And that's what i'm doin' right now.. let's hope the jungle will not get worse..

dapit said...

For a citizen I hope you know how to explore the jungle "very much"... =,=a