November 18, 2008

Been livin' for 22 years,,,

Today is my 22nd birthday.. well, nothing special actually. Its just like any other day,, except the fact that i'm receiving more text messages today and some birthday gifts (heyy, being 22 doesn't mean that you stop receving birthday gifts, right? :))

First present is from my father. Like usual, he asked me first what i want for my birthday.. I just lost my flashdisk few weeks ago, so i said to my father that i think i need a new one. Then, he said "Okay, i'll send the money, just buy yourself whatever nice to you". Erghh... kinda tragic actually, but its okay, i always prefer to choose my own stuff. And you know what!? after i checked on some computer stores around campuss, i found out that now an 8 GB flashdisk is only cost Rp.155.000.. Its the same price with my old 2GB when i bought it about a years ago.

Second is from my Mother and sister,, They bought me this very nice perfume, a Hugo Boss's Soul. it comes in a very stylish packaging.. My sis describe the scent as "spicy" ?.?
hehe,, a very nice idea.. i'm not accostumed to use one actually, but maybe they think that i'm now too old to just using a deodorant spray.

The special gift is offcourse from my girlfriend,, :). She took a day off from her work and comes to Malang this morning just to meet me,, We spend the morning, the noon, and the afternoon together.. something that i'm rarely get nowadays..
Before i ride her to terminal to go back to Surabaya, i have a chance to take this cute pict when she act like a japanese girls wearing a kimono, hehe,,
heyy,, she IS look like a japanese girl right..

Last but not least is a surprise present from a stranger that i met in my english course at TBI yesterday. So, that day is my first day, and when we're having a lil' bit of chit-chat, he asked me where's my school!! So, he thinks that i'm a highschool student.. Hohohoho,,
Well, okay, that's not a present, it's just coincident. But a very weird coincident, because its happened just a day before my 22nd birthday.. So, i think i can take it as a present from my Protector. Alhamdulillahi Robbil'alamiin.. :)
Younger than my age?? ?.?


errick said...

foto paling ngisor iku " like a zimbabwean boy", hehehe. sori2 guyon thok

arifn said...

Your faces didn't change..:D
Hepi bday...

eni cute said...

although it is too late to said...but i just wanna say "happy birthday.."

hope god always bless u in everything u do...hehehe....

Danu Patria said...

@erick: ... mbales ik, acemm..

@arifn: Holla rif,, back from sanctuary?? I heard you've been in hospital.. so how are you now? getting better i hope :)

arifn said...

yeah, i'm back..
still need time to recover.. but I think I was getting better than before,.