November 5, 2008

Sempai's pride,,

This story began with my boss at CSN asked me to handle the adobe photoshop class. Heyy, i'm kinda newbie in graphic design too,, but OK, i still accepted it. I think this will give me a new point of view. It can force me to learn photoshop. And i'm feeling a little bored with all those programming things either.
The only problem is, that we in CSN still don't have any books or guidelines for this course's curiculum. So i gotta create it myself.
At first i'm very confused on how to create it.. I have a lot of books that have a lot of tips like how to use lasso tools, how to manipulate colors, how to separate channels etc. It's very nice and tidy, except a fact that actually after we read and practice on it, we still don't know how to create somethin'... So then i came up with these idea: "The best way to be good in somethin' is by doing it." So, i throw all those "how-to" books and started it with my own method. By give a small project every course meeting. Started with simple project and then improve the dificulities over time.
How's the result?? Well, i think it did it.. with practical method like that, after a course is finished, the students will be tough that they are not only just understand the photoshop's basic, but also feel like they have done somethin', -or in this case- have "design" somethin'.
Like in our 4th meeting. When i have to show them how to use a "texture manipulation tools" in photoshop like "Healing tool", "clone stamp tool", "dodge and burn tool" and "blur tool".

Instead of explain how to use those tools one by one, I make this picture enhancement project:
I have a nice oldman picture that i got from the internet, and with all those tools, i show them how to make the man on the picture looks "younger" and "brighter".

(Notice the wrinkles around the old-man's eyes, nose and mouth are gone)
Heyy, it works right.. With "directly" use those tools to create somethin', they have more understanding than just a theory. And off course it is a lot more fun.


dapit said...

Aw... Danu, photoshop sound like complicated... I never try using it for made any of my graphic design.
It's really complicated and powerful than corel?

Danu Patria said...

Based on my personal opinion:
Photoshop is a lot better when you want to "edit" somethin'. Photo, picture, make a web banner, etc.
But if you're really want to "create" somethin', i believe corel draw will make a more artistic result.

dapit said...

Ouw, then I should keep drawing with corel... ^o^v

eni cute said...

hmmm...talking about photoshop...
wow sound like i'm a photoshop addicted...really love in working with photoshop..
mungkin karena dah terbiasa dengan photoshop aja ketimbang corel jadi menurutku photoshop is more interesting than corel.
photoshop menawarkan fitur yang lebih banyak untuk hal editing picture,photo n others..ketimbang corel...
(just my opinion)...
so..just enjoy with photoshop...