December 18, 2008

Social ride,,,

I remembere when i attended the Opera software seminar a few weeks ago, the speakers (a web evengelist) said that the most visited website in Indonesia is almost 40% of Indonesians whose online, are log in to He shows his astonishment on why Indonesians can be so enthusiastic with social networking site.. One of the most logical answer that i can think that time is, because basically, Indonesian are a very social people. It can be seen in everyday life, especially in the rural area. They usually are very interested on what's happening on other people's life. So, when friendster arrives, i think some of that "way of life" is somehow also applied there. A lot of people wants to stay connected with the old friend, and wants to know what's happening, or what's the latest news about them..
For me (or everybody else like me) who have moved settlement, a social networking site is also like a social saver. Maybe we don't recognized it, but right now i can feel like if there's no site like friendster in that time, i maybe have already loose contact with all my highschool friends..
Right now, we also have a facebook..still less popular in Indonesia compared to friendster actually, but this site's member growth is amazing. Couple of months ago, when i asked about it, nobody have an account there, but now, everybody started to thinks that friendster is so out-of-date. Right now, we can see that almost everybody that likes social networking site, have a facebook. And they are logged in and updated everything in their facebook account almost everyday.. there's always something new in facebook nowadays. Otherwise, friendster is became more and more boring and less people are logged on. It started to loosing it's social value. Because What's the use of a social networking site if there's no people to socialize there?? So sorry to friendster, it's very usefull in it's time, but now, facebook is on the way.. i'm pretty sure that in less than a year, facebook will overwhelmed friendster as the most popular social networking site.
So, if your main reason to use friendster is to connect with all your friends and relatives, i think now is the time to grab up and moved. Because everybody are already (or will be) in facebook right now, and i'm sure you don't want to loose the train and left alone in the old shack..


Anonymous said...

finally,, you join facebook..
add me okay.. :D

AnD said...

Kendalpayak'nesse:(gak baku)

Really,It's your blog is a highclass blog (High class blog?? jaree), until we (all your friend) never taste (gak iso ngrasakno).Otherwise we proud of u we have English Master.. heheh (amplauss monyet).

Danu Patria said...

@AnD : oke ndikk, i get it. tenkyuw..