January 2, 2009

Love means to commit,,,

Few days earlier, my love-banged friend asked me a very classic question: "what is love's actually means??" Something that very cliche, but yet, no one can give an exact answer of that question. Everyone have their own oppinion.. and maybe, that is what makes love is so difficult for some people. When two people are in a relationship but had a different perception about love, then it will not going well.

Few years earlier, maybe i'd just can say i love you to anybody whose got an atractive appearence for me. But if love is that shallow, so why there's people who can stayed with his couple forever if his couple is not a physically or materially attractive? or even when a lot more better man is propose her over??

Like many other, i've been trough a lot of obstacle in every relationship i've had.. Some obstacles are too big.. sometimes it even can made me quit and gave up on it however hard i'd try to mantain. So now, as the time goes by, i can realize that actually the only thing that can bend a man and a woman together together in a relationship is not "the hang out together", "the funny stories", "the teasing to each other", "the shoulder to rely on", or all other good and bad times together, but the awareness about how he and her are commit to the same way. If they both are commit to their relationship, then there is nothing more to expect..

I believe in this enormous world, there's thousands of girls whose lot better and a lot more fits to me than my girl i'm on now. But, when everytime i'm on a relationship i still looked over a better person, then when is this going to be over? And if she thinks that way too, i don't have a chance to get her either.

So don't bother to complain with your couple's pluss' or minuss'. If you have think that he/she can be the one for you, so just go for it. And the most important thing: commit for it. Whatever will happened, you're in a relationship with him/her. There will be no such thing like don't fit to each other anymore.
And for me, that's what is love actually means.. a commitment to a relationship.


arifn said...

yeah,, you're right..
Love is about commitment..

You could find this message on one of the book written by Ninit Yunita called Test Pack

AnD said...

Cie sing arep nikah rek

Danu Patria said...

This post is inspired by Dina Ariani : http://comicalme.blog.friendster.com/

@AnD: sopo to sing arep nikah?

rhey said...

so what does commitment for you?

Sasi Kirana said...

love-banged kuwi artine opo ?
Opo hubungane karo gang-bang ?

Anonymous said...

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