January 20, 2009

Between The Palestinian, The Israeli, and The US,,,

Israeli military agression has been going for more than ... days now. but yet, no one have come to solve or -at least- made any improvement to stop the conflict. You might think that what's hapened for Palestinian is very unfair.. But unfortunately, that is the reality,, any chances that Palestinian might have to stop the agression is somehow had blocked by the US.

just for your information, i'll show you some of the explanation why the world is seems to neglect Palestine :

Q : Why the United Nations(UN) can't do anything to stop Israeli military agression??
A : Because everytime UN wants to make a decission that will contradict with Israel, it will always "veto"-ed by US

Q : Why Arabian countries don't do anything to help Palestine??
A : Because the most powerfull Arabian countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia are now allied with US. Iraq and Afghanishtan who have significant army are already teared up by the previous war. Iran is still suffering from a long term economic and weaponary embargo. While Hizbullah troops in Lebanon don't have any diplomatic power, and therefore don't have rights to commit an attack. Other country like Syria and Jordan might be vocals, but they don't have a sufficient economic and military power to confront with Israel.

Q : Egyptian has a history to defend Palestine from Israel military agression on the "Six Days war" and "Yom Kippur war". Why do they seems to be quiet and let all that bad things happened now??
A : Egypt is no longer ruled by Anwar Sadat.. Egypt present president Hosni Mubarak are now allied and have a very close relation with the US. US goverment is now spent not less than 2 billion USD per year as an aid to the Egyptian goverment to keep this "good relationship".

Q : Hosni Mubarak have ruled Egypt for more than 25 years now. And he was proven to betray his people by makes friend with the US. So, why Egyptian people still elect him as a president??
A : US always said that Egypt is a democratic country, and Hosni Mubarak is elected democraticaly. But the truth is not like that.. there's a big amount of evidence that proved that the election is rigged. Hosni Mubarak won because he have the money and power to supress the opossition. Therefore, he will always win the election. (US is shown a very clear example of a double standard here...)

Q : Saudi Arabia once embargoed it's oil supply to US and that has made US had a depression era without oil. Why Saudi Arabia doesn't use it's "oil power" again??
A : Oil market is not a free market. And US whose now consume more than 60 percent of world's energy is in control of the oil market and prices. Therefore a country like Saudi Arabia that depends it's income on oil alone, are very weak and vulnerable. If Saudi Arabia made a conflict with the US, it's main income resources can be troubled too.. in short: Saudi Arabia depends almost all of it's income from oil (it's second export is second hand furniture and electronics?!?! wheww), and the main buyer of oil is US. That's why Saudi Arabia doesn't want any trouble with it

Q : Why Indonesia doesn't do anything to stop Israeli military agression??
A : Almost the same thing as in Saudi Arabia.. Indonesia's main export market is with the US, while indonesia is only ranked 20th from all the US's economic partners. So, our bargain power is -unfourtunately- very very weak.. We can provoke our goverment to make a confrontation with US, but will we still think this way if we started to loose our job?? or if the comodities price are doubled???

huff, that's a hard reality, but that is the reality..
Well, what do you think?? is there any other chances? please.. feel free and don't hesitate to suggest, comment, or deny me...


Anonymous said...


danu said...

Capitalizm unleashed its strongest weapon...

economic power!!

arifn said...

nice point of view..
tragic, but it did happen..
Just wait and see the new president will do concerning this problem..

errick said...

sejauh ini, komentar the new president cenderung hati2. nampaknya posisinya sulit...

Gus Yehia said...

I believe the Resistance is the only way to solve the palestinian problem, Yes the resistance againts Occupation, And Hamas has proved it that they are on the right path on Dealing with the most barbaric nation (israel). and as Indonesian we should support palestine as it is ordered by Our UUD 45 that "Kemerdekaan adalah hak segala bangsa dan oleh sebab itu maka PENJAJAHAN di atas Dunia Harus di Hapuskan"

Danu Patria said...

yess, resistance might be the only way to defense.. let's hope it can hold israeli long enough until the American domination will finally disapear.
Still a long way to go though, about 20 years later i suppose.

the new president is a good progress for Iraq and Afghanishtan conflict, but still not a hope for Palestinian. Well, at lest there's something "change" there,,