March 3, 2009

Lost in Translations,,,

I've been using a lot of english lately, thanks to AIESEC who invites me to join their project. In this last three weekends, i even had to use english almost all day long.. I always kinda confident with my english, but somehow those activities is reminds me too, that even tough i can communicate well, it still needs a whole lot more energy to me if i speaks English compared to if i speaks in Indonesian or Javanese. My brain getting tired of arranging, or searching some words that i want to say..

The problem is maybe because i still "think" with Indonesian or Javanese, it's like my brain cells is communicate to each other using those language.. For example, if some of the "bule" asked me "How's your day?" i will capture the question first, then there's like some part of my brain that understands English try to translate those words into the language that all part of my brain does understands (wich is Indonesian or Javanese), and after that, my brain can do the process of searching the approphiate answer from the question. But, those answer that my brain comes up with is -unfortunately- in Indonesian or Javanese too, so, then i have to make my part of the brain wich understands English to do the translation works again before i can opened up my mouth to responds to that question in English..

So, if i communicate in english it can be said that i use double amount of energy. Very-very unnefective and wastefull.. But, as some of you might have found out, that the problem is actually can be solved with a very simple way : "make all part of the brain to understand English". because if all part of my brain had understand English, then i can speak up directly to the "bule" of what i wanna say.. i don't need the translation process anymore. It will saves a lot of energy, and furthermore can increase my respond time too.. i can be spontanious even if i'm using English..

Then, how can i manage to train English to my brain?? Simply, by made "my brain cells" to communicate to each other by English all the time. You know, like when i'm humming, thinking, or wondering about something, i will use English now instead of Indonesian or Javanese. And i hope after several weeks doing these, all part of my brain will be fully acostumed to English, and doesn't need any translation process again.. Well, hopefully i can done that before the end of the next month.. ;)


arifn said...

learning by doing...
i will be ur sparring partner.. :D

Jane said...

Danu!! I've just realized you and your life are so damned interesting! You wrote it all in English, you arranged your life in good order, you're so confidently reaching what you've got to reach. That's very cool. And though you may not expect this, but I think I can learn many things from you. So thanks and keep spreading your wings! See ya in other world:)

Danu Patria said...

ahh,, damn now the english teacher reads my blogs.. hehehe.. OMG, i've got tons of gramatical errors here Jane..
And my life is interesting? well, who doesn't have an interesting life? we are all got that.. all mankind got that. that's why it called "life". I'm just kinda man that lucky to have an opportunity to share it with others.. and i'm happy to share,, thanks to you too.. see ya Jane..