March 8, 2009

Weirds happened,,,

I just found this weird fact today, that actually i always did a blog post on the early days of the new month.. I've rechecked again all my blog post, and found that most of my post is written on 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th day of the month.. humm, maybe it doesn't have any meaning, or it's just a weird coincidence and you might think that there's nothing special about it.. but, this kinda thing(the weird, unexplained, or unlogical thing) is always excite me up a bit.. It can makes my head thinking and wondering out of way (which is could be good, especially because lately, my mind keep thinking in the same boring way..).. Could it be a sign that my mood or even creativity is affected by the lunar orbit?? or my biorithmic cycle that controls my spiritual quotions is on the peak position on the early month?? humm..

Anyway, still affected by this mistery-excited feelings i search trough the internet to find something about scientology.. just for your information, scientology is a new so-called religion (the weird one, but it became very popular after Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes declare themself that their religion is scientology), that beliefs that human minds is somehow inhabited by some alien spirit. And this spirit is not good to human, because it affected human's feeling, thinking, or way of life. So, the scientologist have some kind of a ritual to sucked up the alien spirit of human's body, to makes their mind returns to the original and pure state. Very weird right?? and if anyone would ask me what's the couse, maybe because this "religion" is declared by an author of science fiction novels. that's why..

But this scientology is somehow very popular now, and got a lot of follower.. Now the question is "How come, in any way, people will trust something that very clearly unrational like that, that comes from a science fiction novels author??" My best guess is that because people, how ignorant they are, is sometime will think about their existance.. like "what force is created them", "for what reasons", "is our life is being watch by some spiritual being". etc. And maybe, in the journey of searching the answer, they found the scientology, and suddenly feels very comfortable with it. Because in a lot of cases, the most comfort answer is sometimes by put a question to another person's shoulder and let them deal with it.

So, this case is can be seen like when in a class, your teacher asked something like "who finds america??" to you and, because you don't know the answer you just said "oh, don't asked me, ask Johny, he seems to know that.." Only, in this case, the question is like : "What is this force that created and look over to all of us??" and their answer is : "Well, don't asked me, ask the alien, they seems to know the answer".

A very relieving for some people. But yet, in the end, that such answer will not solve any problem at all.. because if human is created and looked over by the alien, then who created the alien??

or maybe it's so popular just because of Tom Cruise.. huff.. waddaya think??


arifn said...

admitted or not, every human needs some "thing" that more to everything they thought exist..
that "thing" must be dependable, unbeatable, and has power that they can rely on.
and it called GOD..

according to your explanation, I think the alien spirits of the scientology maybe close to satan, devil, or something like that..

arifn said...

do you know?
when I read a book titled Outliers, I found out that the things about date that you mentioned at the beginning of the post was not a coincidence at all..

maybe you have the habit of finding new spirit on writing just at the early days of the month..

there are no accidents...

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!