August 17, 2008

Basic of creativity,,

One time, my friend asked me.. why d'you write blog? is there any benefit to yourself? It's a simple question actually. But i don't know why, i can't answer that question instantly. I have to think about it a few moment. And then my best answer is this:
"i write blog because "i need" to express myself". And yes, i really mean it when i say "i need". It was me.. i am the one who need to write this blog. The World wide web, or the whole internet society never asked me to write,, and yet i'm still continued to write in here.

The need of expressing ones feeling or though is a basic human social needs. It is something equal to the need to be loved, to be noticed, to be usefull to someone else and so on.
But then, in this case of the need to express feeling or though, human can be very creative, unique and unpredictable. That is,i think, maybe because of the super-complexness and tremendous diversities that can be found in every living human's mind. Therefore, to express his/her own mind, someone might do something that is beautifull, "different" and sometimes really impressive to someone else.

The easiest example is my favourite band, the dashboard Confessional, that writes song with their mind.. a really deep and heart touching lyrics even for a single moment that can be happened in every men's life. Next is Affandi,, an abstract painter. Why did he paint an abstract?? maybe because an abstract is the best way to paint what's in his mind. Joe Satriani, a musician who "plays" his mind so beautifully with his guitar. Mozart with his music. Goerge Lucas and Wachowski brothers (did i spell it correctly??) with their extraordinary movies. J.K. Rowling and Tolkien who write their fantasies world that happened in their minds. Or even Copernicus and Charles Darwin, who are expressed their great though of life with their own theory, even if it was something that is very un-common and different from everyone else.

So, this need to express ourselves is maybe something that God had given to us so we can understand art and beautifullness. It is the need that really important to us to have and maintained. To me, it is a basic for a so called creativity. Because even the earliest art found in this world, a caveman painting in the cave wall, is something that express the painter's mind in that time..


Anonymous said...

my reason why I wrote a blog was simple,, to improve my writing skill.

Danu Patria said...

sure.. that was my reason too, to improve writing skill.
'couse all the thing that we do now will eventualy improve our skills..

iKo-cHan said...

improve ur english skill too,right?

Anonymous said...

i don't know how.. but am still confuse about the language i should use in my blog.
if i make some tutorial post and write it in English, it wouldn't very helpful for Indonesian people..

so i decided to create another blog that use English as primary language..

you can access it here